About Deza

I am Deza, a yoga teacher hails from Kota Kinabalu, Borneo. I teach mainly Gokul Hatha, a holistic practice based on the classical Hatha system which emphasis more on bandha works in asana. I also teach Gokul Vinyasa, slow yoga and prenatal yoga by request.

Despite my academic background, I followed my heart desire and fulfilled my childhood dream to become a writer in Kuala Lumpur before I launched my own business in cosmetic and training industry in 2010. Other than developing my own aromatherapy-based cosmetic range, I worked closely with the Malaysian government to help less-fortunate young women, domestic-abused victims and single mothers to get into employment by providing skills training in beauty services mainly in aromatherapy, holistic massage and makeup.

Yoga in the form of asana crossed my path way back in 2010 when I received a yoga DVD as a gift. It has never developed into anything more than an escape during rainy days until 2013 when I met my asana and spiritual Guru, Mahayogi Gokulacandra das, the founder of Gokul Yoga lineage.

With my Guru, Mahayogi Gokulacandra during Gokul Yoga TTC certificate presentation

Currently living in beautiful Switzerland with my loving husband, I am embracing the challenge of assimilating to new culture, learning a new language and building a new future away from my home country. For all the blessings I have received, I intend to give back and improve my karma bank balance by teaching yoga, writing and practicing mantra meditation.

I personally believe spirituality exists in various forms and can be transcended in various ways. My aspiration is to keep this space as real and as honest as possible for I am on my personal journey as well. This is my space to grow, to learn and to share my findings and lessons to those who are curious.

Even though I am a yoga teacher, I am forever a student. We all are lifetime students. Feel free to learn alongside me.

Love & light,

◊ Deza ◊

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Class description

Gokul Hatha Yoga class is based on the classical Hatha system which emphasis more on Bandha in asana. Bandha, also referred to as “muscle lock”, is the activation and engagement of specific muscle groups in specific areas of the body which helps to control and regulate the energy flow within the body while promoting efficient blood circulation. By incorporating Bandha in asana, your practice is stronger, safer and more efficient.

Suitable for all levels.

For more inquiries, kindly email deza.yoga@gmail.com or fill the contact form below

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Open Class

Open class:

Atelier Forme , Rue du Midi 18, 1003 Lausanne


Gokul Hatha every Thursday 730pm – 830pm




Kindly show up at least 10 minutes before class to give yourself time to change and unwind.

Class begins with SUN SALUTATION. If you need to stretch or meditate beforehand, kindly come earlier and give your body what it needs.

All classes are taught it ENGLISH.



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Private Class

Private sessions are for:

  1. beginners or first timers who wants to have better understanding about their bodies before attending group class
  2. wants to develop their own home self-practice in a safe and more efficient way. You will be provided with structure, suitable yoga postures for each group based on your level and individual guidance on how to move forward in your practice.
  3. interested to learn about Bandha and how to apply it in your own practice





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Corporate Wellness

Corporate yoga class and wellness retreat have become a popular way for businesses/ organization to encourage their members to engage in healthy and balanced work life. It gives positive impacts on your employees mental health by reducing stress, increasing productivity level and by that, improving work culture and overall performance in your workplace.

It also speaks volume about your involvement in your employees well-being and thus, position your business as a great and desired place to work.

If you would like me to introduce yoga into your workplace, kindly fill in the form below.